DIY Style.

I thank the creators of Pinterest, and all wedding-related pictures and ideas that the fabulous pinners add to its collections, for their endless wealth of wedding inspiration! I am positive I spend about 50% of my day scrolling through the site (I don’t know if that’s entirely healthy). BUT, I have an excuse: my friends are getting married and there is a wedding to be planned!

Due to my endless hours perusing the wedding boards of many, I have come across many shortcuts that could be taken to lessen the dent in your pockets that a wedding will surely create. Some call them shortcuts, some call them hacks, some call them DIY elements, some call them money-savers. I like to call them creatively unique elements to add personal touches to your special day. Call me an optimist if you must, but I do not doubt that these ideas will at least prove interesting, if not inspiring.

Stationery: Ranging from Save The Dates and Invitations to name-place cards or attachments for favours, practically anything can be found on the internet. There are many printable templates available online from popular wedding sites. These offer you the prospect of finding your own pretty paper and such, and create your own invitations without spending a fortune.

Such templates can be found here:

The Wedding Chicks

Printable Invitations Kits

Bespoke Bride

Love vs Design

Paper Source

E.M. Papers

The Budget Savvy Bride

A massive list containing further links at Offbeat Bride


Centrepieces and Table Numbers: There are a multitude of unique ways to make your table numbers and centrepieces pop out without having a professional arrange it for you.


diy table number printed card stuck to fruit   Printed

Firstly, there is the normal table number printed onto cardboard. Easy enough. Just find a cool that you like, from your computer or downloadable ones off the internet, and print it onto some firm board of an appropriate colour or design. You can always add personal flair by getting creative with how you propose to keep the card up: in this picture they’ve attached it to a stick with a mini peg and stuck it into an apple. You could do the same and have it sticking out your floral centrepiece. You could attach it to just about anything your heart desires.


wood and house numbers diy table numbers

House numbers on wood

All this requires is a block of wood, which you could get from craft stores or hardware stores, and house numbers screwed into the wood. This is a very sturdy table number. You could easily sell them to be re-used, or even have a look to see if any similar ones are for sale by brides trying to get rid of their wedding decor.



string art diy table numbers    String art

Although this one may look difficult to make, it’s actually pretty simple. All you need is wooden board, small nails, a  hammer, and some lovely coloured string. Add a bit of time and effort, and viola! You will have a unique, string art table number.






painted wood diy table numbersPainted Wood

Again with the wooden boards. This one is pretty similar to the one with the house numbers, except it’s even easier and cheaper! All you need is some wood, paint, and a paintbrush.          Write out your table numbers in a font similar to that used on your stationery for a well        pulled-together effect.



diy table numbers and centrepieces records with quotes   Records

A little bit of vintage love. Use old record as table numbers; just print the number on pretty paper and stick it in the centre of the record. Records can be found anywhere from church sales to garage sales and are usually pretty cheap.






cut out card diy table numbers Cut-outs

It’s as easy as it looks: just cut the number out of your desired cardboard paper. If you wanted     to step this up another level, you could find them in metal (house numbers maybe?) and spraypaint them the colour of your wedding.



balloon writing table numbers



I love this idea because it adds dimension to the tables. You can buy balloons with numbers already printed on them. Or, you could create a stencil of a cut-out design on cardboard and spraypaint over it so that the number transfers onto the balloon. Alternatively, there are craft pens available at certain crafty stores that would allow you to write directly onto the balloon.














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